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Document Sharing and Control

Good documentation is central to any management system. Policies, procedures checklists, permits, drawings, photos images, and so on, can be stored and retrieved instantly in Comm-Trac™.

Notable Document Control Features

  • Establishes a customized document filing system, organized any way you like.
  • Allows attachment of any document, link, web address, etc. to any commitment or action, or to a central document control location.
  • Allows maintenance of documents in central document management systems or locations, with connection to Comm-Trac™ for viewing and use.
  • Attach check sheets; audit forms or inspection forms to specific actions so that all employees have access to same documents for use in completing their actions. Update or change the document in only one area to update for all users across the company.
  • Allows for secure "access permissions", which can be set by folders, subfolders, and/or specified documents.
  • If it can be stored electronically, it can be stored in your Comm-Trac™ database.