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Commitment and Task Identification and Management

Prioritizing and managing your tasks has never been easier, as Comm-Trac™ - your "To Do" list on steriods - helps keep you proactive and ahead of the game!

Notable Task Management Features:

  • Identify and track compliance obligations, permits, audit exception items and project related commitments and all of their associated actions and tasks.
  • Assign action items and associated due dates to responsible persons.
  • Complete database of all compliance task lists.
  • Allows creation of electronic listings of steps necessary to complete requirements (Compliance Plan).
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for upcoming actions, completed actions and overdue actions. Each action can be assigned a unique set of notification intervals and specific persons to be notified, a safety net for compliance actions.
  • System also automatically notifies each user on screen (based on login id), upon system start-up, of any overdue or pending items assigned to them.
  • Can send e-mail notifications to people not on the Comm-Trac™ system. This is useful for assigning tasks to contractors or support staff, or keeping "higher-ups" informed. Also can can produce printed task list for upcoming tasks to front line personnel who do not use computers.
  • Automatically reschedules next due action upon completion of an action, based on the established frequency. User does not need to update notifications or any other fields for the system to reschedule next due date or update automatic notifications.
  • One click viewing on "Today" screen of a user's upcoming actions or overdue actions. Manager view button allows one click viewing of all upcoming actions or overdue actions for the manager's facility.
  • Allows communication of critical compliance issues among all involved operations and support staff across the company.
  • Greatly improves management's ability to manage, assign, track and report on key environmental, health and safety requirements.
  • Allows ready transfer of work assignments to other staff for vacations, illness or termination.
  • Tracks permits and licenses to ensure that they are renewed on a timely basis and that all permit and license requirements are identified and completed by required dates.
  • Customizable report function allows users to generate reports on programs and tasks.
  • Identify audit exception items, assign to responsible staff and track to completion. Creates record to verify completion of audit items.
  • Perfect for implementation of EMS, ISO 14000, and other environmental or safety management plans.